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This December, Improve Your Coding Daily with Advent of Code

Advent of Code is an annual series of daily coding challenges that happens during the year-end holiday season. Each day, between the 1st and 25th of December, a new puzzle is published. Harden up your problem solving and coding proficiency while celebrating the holidays with this great competition!

Fight San Francisco Crime with and Deepnote

Thanks to initiatives such as SF OpenData and Kaggle’s San Francisco Crime Classification competition, data compiled from all of this crime can be leveraged to better handle and respond to it.

Papers with Code + arXiv = Reproducible, Organized Research

Millions of scientific articles are shared openly via arXiv, a Cornell-powered website that focuses on open access to research. The Papers with Code website hosts academic papers which also share their backing software so that experiments can be faithfully reproduced. Through a joint collaboration, Papers with Code now provides category classification and code references for articles in the arXiv database.

With an AWS Copilot, Give Kubernetes a Second Thought

Kubernetes is a fantastic container orchestration tool for scalable cloud computing applications. However, we don’t always need all of its batteries included. Enter ECS, with its convenient copilot CLI.